This Just In: Orange County

by Marilyn Tennissen |
Sep. 27, 2007, 6:39am

Sept. 18

- Leah Johansson vs. city of Bridge City et al
PA - John R. Dolezal, J � Pat Clark
With the Lone Star State's population on the constant rise, most Texans have experienced some type of a construction related nuisance that always follows growth.
When Leah Johansson came home and found her driveway cluttered with construction trucks and workers who were shouting obscenities at her, she filed suit against, Boren Dry Wall, a property development company, and the city of Bridge City.
Johansson is suing for past and future physical pain, mental anguish, medical expenses, plus damages for the repair of her property.
Case No. A-070466c

Sept. 20

- Jesse D. Gregg vs. Longhorn General Agency Inc.
PA � Stephen Foster, J � Buddy Hahn
When Jesse D. Gregg bought his manufactured home, he was told he would receive homeowners insurance. After Hurricane Rita, Gregg made a claim to his supposed insurance company and was denied. Gregg is suing the insurance company, Longhorn General Agency Inc. and Signature Manufactured homes for "having no intention of performing (their) end of the bargain. The plaintiff is suing for the unpaid claim, actual and compensatory damages, economic hardship, plus exemplary damages and damages for mental anguish
Case N0. D-070477c

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