An Orange County woman is alleging a Vidor doctor routinely molested her when she came in for medical treatment in her youth.

Raschelle Daughdrill filed suit against Dr. Sei Chang Oh on Oct. 23 in the Jefferson County District Court.

According to her petition, when she was a minor, Daughdrill sought medical treatment from Dr. Oh at his Vidor office, located at 515 Archie. During her visits, Dr. Oh allegedly "molested and attempted to molest (Daughdrill), who was a minor at the time of each such incident, thereby causing severe and permanent injuries and damages."

"Defendant Oh negligently, intentionally and recklessly attempted to take advantage of his patient, the minor plaintiff, for the purpose of sexual gratification," the suit said. "Defendant knew that his actions would destroy or severely damage plaintiff's self-esteem, confidence and well-being.

Defendant's conduct was extreme and outrageous in character, and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency, and as to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community."

The suit continues by stating that because of the physician-patient relationship Daughdrill and Dr. Oh shared, she placed a great deal of trust and confidence in him "during (her) numerous periods of treatment."

The suit does not state if Dr. Oh has been formerly charged. The Texas Department of Public Safety did not list Dr. Sei Chang Oh as a registered sex offender.

"Defendant owed plaintiff a duty of care and fiduciary responsibilities not to harm or injure," the suit said. "In spite of defendant's duties, defendant abused the relationship�resulting in severe emotional damage."

The suit lists the following acts of negligence allegedly committed by Dr. Oh:

-Failing to engage in recognized and acceptable practices in the medical profession to maintain a professional relationship with patients;

-In engaging or attempting to have sexual contact with a patient;

-In committing various acts and/or omissions of negligence both statutory and common law, to be specified in detail at the time of trial;

-In performing indecent acts on a child, as prohibited by Chapter 43 of the Texas Penal Code;

-And in attempting to perform indecent acts on a child, as prohibited by Chapter 43 of the Texas Penal Code.

Daughdrill is suing for exemplary damages, plus past and future physical pain, mental anguish, medical expenses and impairment.

She is demanding a trial by jury and is represented by Adam Terrell of the Weller, Green, Toups & Terrell law firm.

Judge Bob Wortham, 58th Judicial District, has been assigned to the case.

Case No. A180-580

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