Lovers quarrel ends up in court

by David Yates |
Nov. 6, 2007, 9:29am

It may sound like a cliche episode of Jerry Springer, but Dawn Gaudet is seeking a restraining order against her former domestic partner who threatened to blow her away with a shotgun.

Gaudet filed a lawsuit and request for a restraining order against Camille Rocha with the Jefferson County District Court on Oct. 31.

According to the plaintiff's petition, Gaudet and Rocha have been involved in a "domestic relationship" for the past 26 years, and had lived together until July 2007. During their relationship, the couple agreed to contractually share domestic responsibilities and purchased a Beaumont home together.

Sometime in the month of October, Rocha attempted to enter the home but Gaudet had locked her out. The suit says Rocha began kicking in the door but failed to enter because Gaudet had barricaded the entrance. Rocha then allegedly told Gaudet she was going to "obtain a shotgun," break down the door and return home.

Apparently, the couple share a long history of domestic violence.

"In years past, during an argument, (Rocha) chased (Gaudet) through their house while carrying a .22 rifle, threatening to kill (her)," the suit said. "More recently�Rocha threatened to burn down the home�for the purpose of destroying the house and injuring and/or killing (Gaudet).

"In conjunction with moving from the home, in July 2007, (Rocha) entered the home and threw the kitchen table across the floor at (Gaudet), shattering ashtrays and glasses on the table. The following day, after (Gaudet) had cleaned up the mess and restored the table to its original location, (Rocha) again threw the table at (Gaudet), this time breaking the table."

The suit also lists an incident that occurred in August 2007. Rocha, in a fit of rage, had allegedly taken a cutting board from the kitchen and beat a window air conditioner until it was broken. She continued by shattering a kitchen chandelier, covering Gaudet with broken glass.

"During the week of Oct. 15, 2007, (Rocha) attempted to break into the home by kicking the door down, but did not enter because (Gaudet) had the door barricaded," the suit said. "(Rocha) has made statements claiming that she intends to obtain a shotgun. On Oct. 29, 2007, (Rocha) expressed a specific intent to break down the door and return to the home this week."

Rocha and Gaudet share numerous co-mingled accounts, personal property, and real property, "which must be divided," the suit says. "Specifically, the legal ownership of the residential property�must be determined, as well as the ownership of numerous household items and two dogs named Panda Ray and Pooter."

The four-count suit contends Rocha is guilty of breach of contract, breach of joint venture, negligence and emotional distress.

In addition to the restraining order, Gaudet is asking that she be awarded actual and exemplary damages.

The case has been assigned to Judge Milton Shuffield, 136th Judicial District.

Gaudet is represented by Beaumont attorney Susan Oliver.

Case No. D180-683

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