Brent Coon

Tread lightly when doing business with a plaintiff's lawyer, because if you end up owing money, it's a safe bet you'll end up in court. Two out-of-town attorneys learned that the hard way when they somehow got involved with Beaumont's own Brent Coon and now he claims they owe him $500,000.

The enigmatic Coon will ask Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd Judicial District, to give him the green light to collect $500,000 from the two debtors -- plus $10,000 in attorney fees -- on Friday, Nov. 16, during a default hearing.

Coon filed suit against fellow attorneys Jon Alworth and Robert Ford in May 2006, claiming the pair had defaulted on a $500,000 debt.

The suit does not include the details of the debt, but says only that attorneys Alworth and Ford defaulted on their payments.

Calls made to Alworth and Ford by The Record have not been returned. Alworth works out of Brownsville and Ford is a San Antonio-based attorney.

"Defendants defaulted in paying the debt," the suit says. "Plaintiff has accelerated the debt according to the terms of the agreement. There is currently due the sum of $500, 000, plus accrued interest as provided for in the agreement."

Coon is also seeking $10,000 in attorney fees. He will be represented by attorneys from Brent Coon & Associates at Friday's hearing.

"Defendants' default has made it necessary for plaintiff to employ the undersigned attorney to file suit," the suit said. "This claim was timely presented to defendants and remains unpaid. Reasonable fees for the attorney's services rendered and to be rendered are at least $10, 000.00."

In the suit, Coon asks Floyd to grant him:
- Judgment for $500,000.00 as the amount due on the debt;
- Judgment for accrued and unpaid interest on the debt before maturity;
- Judgment for prejudgment and postjudgment interest on the matured, unpaid debt at the highest legal or contractual rate allowed by law;
- Judgment for at least $10,000.00 as reasonable attorney's fees, with additional contingent amounts in the event of appellate proceedings;
- Judgment for all costs of court;
- And Foreclosure of plaintiffs' security interest in the collateral.

Case No. E176-956

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