Nov. 7

  • Gary Stallworth vs. Dowlen Oaks Retirement Center

    PA � Pat McGinnis, J � Milton Shuffield

    A dishwasher with sensitive hands is suing the Dowlen Oaks Retirement Center "for failing to provide proper training." Gary Stallworth is claiming his hand skin problem is due to washing dishes at the retirement center.

    He is demanding a trial by jury and is suing for past and future physical pain, mental anguish, lost wages, impairment and medical expenses, plus actual and compensatory damages.

    Case No. D180-722

  • Shenequia Jackson vs. Toba Enterprises Inc.

    PA � Tom Oxford, J � Gary Sanderson

    Shenequia Jackson's boyfriend was holding her minor son while she washed clothes at the Wizard Quick Stop when the boyfriend slipped in a puddle water and fell through a plate glass window, "causing the minor plaintiff to have his stomach gashed open."Acting as next of friend, Jackson filed a personal injury lawsuit against Toba Enterprises, Inc. (Wizard Quick Stop).

    She is demanding a trial by jury.

    Case No. B180-723

    Nov. 8

  • Sherry Kilgore vs. Michael Jeansonne

    PA - Wilka Toppins, J - Gary Sanderson

    A local woman is claiming the dentist who formerly employed her assaulted and fired her because she displayed concerns over filling illegal drug prescriptions for non-patients. Sherry Kilgore filed suit against Beaumont dentist Michael Jeansonne.

    Kilgore is suing for all actual, compensatory, incidental, consequential and reliance damages suffered, back pay, emotional pain and mental anguish, injury and all court costs.

    Case No. B180-729

    Nov. 13

  • Bradley Mitchell vs. Bo-Mac Contractors et al

    PA - Caj Boatright, J - Milton Shuffield

    Bradley Mitchell was working at the local Motiva Enterprises refinery when a Bo-Mac Contractors crane operator smacked his truck with a load beams. Mitchell says he suffered head, neck and back injuries in the incident and is suing Motiva and Bo-Mac for failing to properly train its employees.

    He is suing for compensatory, actual and consequential damages, plus mental anguish, pain and court costs.

    Case No. D180-738

  • Sherri Bates vs. Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital et al

    PA - Adam Terrell, J - Gary Sanderson

    Sherri Bates was 34 weeks pregnant when Memorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital doctors told her to go home. She returned home and later that afternoon gave berth to a baby girl who "fell to the floor upon delivery."

    Acting as next of friend to her daughter, Bates is suing Baptist Beaumont, claiming the hospital and its medical staff negligently failed to give her a vaginal exam to rule out labor during her visit.

    Case No. B180-742

    Nov. 14

  • Howard Dawes vs. Time Warner Cable Inc.

    PA � Tom Oxford, J - Milton Shuffield

    A Louisiana resident is suing Time Warner Cable for injures he suffered when he tripped over an uncovered cable while visiting a friend at the Creekwood Village Apartments in Beaumont. Howard Dawes claims the area should have been barricaded.

    Dawes is suing for past and future medical expenses, mental anguish and pain.

    Case No. D180-748

  • Alltec Lifting Systems et al vs. Lonestar Rigging et al

    PA - Darren Rice, J � Bob Wortham

    Alltec Lifting Systems has filed suit against Lonestar Rigging seeking to collect $126,891.04 for an unpaid invoice. The two-count suit charges the defendants with breach of contract and quantum meruit.

    The plaintiffs are suing for the unpaid invoices, interest and all court costs.

    Case No. A180-749

  • David Vardaman et al vs. IHOP

    PA � Scott Browne, J � Milton Shuffield

    David Vardaman and his wife Elizabeth are suing the International House of Pancakes. David claims he had just entered the restaurant, "when suddenly and without warning, he tripped over rolled up mats." According to the plaintiffs' original petition, the incident occurred on Nov. 21, 2006. The suit also names IHOP manager Abdallah Atiyeh as defendant.

    David is suing for past and future medical expenses, mental anguish and pain. His wife is suing for loss of consortium.

    Case No. D180-751

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