Nov. 14

  • Nancy Sims vs. E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company

    PA - Darren Brown, J - Bob Wortham

    The widow of Donald Sims is suing her husband's former employer, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company for "maliciously" exposing him to "toxic and carcinogenic dusts." Sims died of Mesothelioma in August.

    She is suing for punitive damages, plus mental anguish, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity and loss of consortium

    Case No. A180-765

    Nov. 15

  • Monica Istre vs. Hydrochem Industrial Services Inc. et al

    PA - Michael Pierce, J - Milton Shuffield

    A Louisiana woman claims she was injured after inhaling toxic fumes at a Lake Charles refinery. Monica Istre is suing Hydrochem Industrial Services Inc., Ohmstede Industrial Services Inc. and Citgo Petroleum Corp. for failing to provide her with a safe place to work.

    In her suit, Istre says she is entitled to punitive damages because the defendants acted "with flagrant and malicious disregard for (her) health and safety. She is also suing for past and future mental anguish, pain, medical expenses, and disfigurement.

    Case No. D180-754

  • Yolanda Morin et al vs. Cuevas & Martinez, Inc.

    PA - Richard Plezia, J - Donald Floyd

    Returning from a shrimping run of the coast of Port Isabel, Jose Rodriguez suffered an anxiety attack as the U.S. Coast Guard investigated the vessel he was serving on. The next day, Rodriguez was found dead. Rodriguez's family and his family's lawyers claim that if Rodriguez's employer, Cuevas & Martinez, Inc., had "furnished him with proper equipment," Rodriguez would still be shrimping to this day.

    Seeking more than $75,000 for Rodriguez's death, Yolanda Morin, Jasmine and Jose Rodriguez filed a Jones Act suit against Cuevas & Martinez.

    Case No. E180-756

    Nov. 16

  • Mary Jo Stedry vs. Gulf Coast Health Center, Inc.

    PA � Steve Parkhurst, J � Milton Shuffield

    The former CEO for Gulf Coast Health Center, Inc. has filed suit against the care provider, claiming she was fired because she is a female. Mary Jo Stedry filed her sexual discrimination lawsuit in the Jefferson County District Court under Chapter 21 of the Texas Labor Code.

    "Defendant sexually harassed Plaintiff, and created and maintained a hostile work environment, because of Plaintiff's sex," the suit said. The suit does not list any specific incidents of sexual discrimination.

    Stedry is suing for exemplary damages, plus mental anguish, emotional pain, loss of benefits inconvenience and all court costs.

    Case No. D180-770

  • Eva Brown vs. The Premcor Refining Group Inc.

    PA - James Blackburn Jr., J - Donald Floyd

    Roughly 100 Port Arthur residents have banded together and filed suit against The Premcor Refining Group, alleging the company's refinery has illegally bombarded area neighborhoods, schools and churches with "toxic" pollution.

    The plaintiffs in the suit claim the refinery's toxic releases have inflicted them or their children with asthma. A few of the plaintiffs in the suit recently reached the age of 18 and are bringing claims in their own name.

    The suit accuses Premcor of causing and/or exacerbating the plaintiffs' asthma, upper respiratory, sinus, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergy and rhinitis conditions.

    The plaintiffs are suing for punitive damages, plus mental anguish, medical expenses and loss of earning capacity damages.

    Case No. E180-771

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