Snapped cable causes worker to plunge into ocean, lawsuit filed

By David Yates | Nov 29, 2007

Suspended over the ocean, the cable attached to Guillermo Guzman's basket suddenly "detached," causing the basket, Guzman and his co-worker "to fall many feet into the water below."

Guzman is suing the supplier of the basket and cable, Max Access Inc., for negligence. His personal-injury lawsuit was filed with the Jefferson County District Court on Nov. 28.

According to the plaintiff's petition, on Nov. 16, 2007, Guzman and his co-worker were working on a jack-up drilling rig near Sabine Pass. They were inside a work basket when "unfortunately, a defect in the work basket or cable allowed the cable to detach�"

The suit says Guzman was injured when he feel "many feet into the water below."

"The work basket had been provided by defendant to a company on the drilling rig," the suit said, adding that Max Access had a duty to properly repair, service, maintain and inspect the work basket.

"The basket was not safe to operate at the time it was provided by defendant," the suit said.

Aside from negligence, the suit also faults Max Access with breach of implied warranty of fitness and merchantability.

Guzman is suing for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish and physical impairment.

He is represented by the Law Offices of John A. Carwile.

Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd Judicial District, has been assigned to the case.

Case No. E180-822

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