Nov. 29

  • Andre Holloman et al vs. Popeye's

    PA - Woodson E. Dryden, J - Alfred Gerson

    Not that fried food is all that healthy to begin with, but two Beaumont residents are alleging they became sick after purchasing and eating tainted chicken from Popeye's. Andre Holloman and Olivia Hill have filed a personal injury suit against AFC Enterprises (Popeye's).

    Case No. 109855

  • Markeshia Stagg vs. Supper Motel 8

    PA - Woodson E. Dryden, J � Alfred Gerson

    Markeshia Stagg has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Super Motel 8, alleging the motel allowed a duplicate key to her room to fall into the hands of several thugs, who easily waltzed into the room and assaulted her.

    Case No. 109856

    Dec. 12

  • Crashunda Dixson vs. Family Dollar Stores

    PA - Woodson E. Dryden, J � Alfred Gerson

    The quest for a container to hold "holy water" ended badly for Crashunda Dixson when Family Dollar employees reacted to the store alarm and frisked her as she attempted to leave. Dixson claimed she could not find a "suitable holy water container" and "was in the process of leaving the store" when the alarm sounded. Humiliated and embarrassed, Dixson filed suit against Family Dollar Stores.

    Case No. 109910

    Dec. 13

  • Linda Ellis et al vs. Wonderful Windows & Siding

    PA - Dru Montgomery, J - Bob Wortham

    Beaumont residents Gerald and Linda Ellis are suing Wonderful Windows & Siding for performing an allegedly poor installation job, which has caused water damage to their home. The couple is complaining of water damage to their home and is suing for actual damages and all court costs.

    Case No. A180-898

  • Randy Stevens et al vs. The Productivity Center Inc.

    PA - John Wylie, J � Gary Sanderson

    The Productivity Center Inc., a law enforcement database company, made headlines back in May after intruders burglarized PCI's Houston office and stole a laptop containing the names and social security numbers of more than 229,000 peace officers.

    After the May 9 robbery, PCI informed its client police agencies of the incident and changed all user passwords. Eight months later, not one identity has been reported stolen, but that hasn't stopped Randy Stevens and his attorneys from filing a class-action lawsuit against PCI, alleging the company's "wrongful conduct" increased his risk of identity theft.

    In his suit, Stevens' says PCI recommended he and the other officers monitor their credit reports. "But despite the Fact PCI�was responsible for putting Stevens and class members in harm's way, none of the defendants has offered to pay for credit monitoring services and credit insurance."

    However, PCI President Clare Keimig told the Record no one has ever asked the company to provide such services, nor, to her knowledge, has there been one case of identity theft stemming from the May 9 incident.

    Case No. B180-899

    Dec. 14
  • Lisa Smith vs. Conn Appliances

    PA � Walter Umphrey, J � Gary Sanderson

    Beaumont's most well known plaintiff's attorney Walter Umphrey has filed a personal-injury lawsuit on Lisa Smith's behalf, claiming his client was injured by a Conn Appliances truck driver. Umphrey filed the suit against Conn's and truck driver Ronald Warner

    Case No. B180-903

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