This Just In: Recent civil filings in Jefferson County distric courts

By Marilyn Tennissen | Jan 3, 2008

Dec. 20

  • Vertice Dobson et al vs. Entergy Gulf States et al

    PA � Steve Waldman, J � Bob Wortham

    Every Entergy customer receives a monthly bill with a warning label printed on it that reads, "Stay away from power lines." Sound advice, but some work occupations require a close proximity to live wires. On April 18, Kenneth James Dobson, a roofer, was working in Huntsville when came into contact with a power line and was electrocuted. He died from his injuries and now his benefactors have filed a lawsuit on his behalf against Entergy Gulf States.

    The lawsuit, filed by Vertice Dobson, claims the power lines were too low to the ground and sagging. The suit also names United Home Improvement (Dobson's employer), Brazos United Roofing and RSC Equipment Rental as defendants.

    Case No. A180-918

    Dec. 21

  • William Paul vs. CMC Recycling

    PA - John Morgan, J - Bob Wortham

    William Paul claims CMC Recycling "failed to maintain the situation" by "permitting" its forklift driver to strike him and slice off two of his fingers. Paul filed suit against Commercial Metals Co.

    Case No. A180-928

  • Latosha Diggles et al vs. Autumn Cove Apartments et al

    PA - Jonathan Harris, J - Gary Sanderson

    A Beaumont woman says she and her young son slipped and fell down a flight of stairs because the stairs were "negligently maintained." Latosha Diggles has filed a personal injury suit against the Autumn Cove Apartments and Virtu Investments, claiming the companies allowed her apartments to "become very unsafe and dangerous."

    Case No. B180-930

  • Melvin Franklin vs. Tin Inc.

    PA - Don Caggins Sr, J - Bob Wortham

    Melvin Franklin might think twice when he hears the saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it too." Franklin is suing Tin Inc. for $1 million, claiming a piece of salt cake fell and hit him, while doing scaffolding work at Tin Temple Inland.

    Franklin filed a personal injury lawsuit against Tin Inc. Franklin is also suing for past and future mental anguish, pain, impairment, lost earnings, disfigurement and medical costs, plus all court costs.

    Case No. A180-938

    Dec. 27

  • Quinton Henderson vs. Prosperity Management Services

    PA - Matthew Matheny, J - Donald Floyd

    A seaman is claiming he slipped and fell because the ship he served on lacked "adequate walking and working surfaces." Quinton Henderson has filed a Jones Act suit against Prosperity Management Services.

    He is suing for past and future pain, mental anguish, lost wages, disfigurement, impairment and medical expenses.

    Case No. E180-962


  • Tom Arriola vs. Interocean American Shipping Corp.

    PA � Mark Lanier, J � Donald Floyd

    After Tom Arriola, a seaman, was fired, he developed ulcers and diabetes, conditions he claims occurred because of having to endure the stress resulting from being wrongfully terminated. Arriola alleges his life-expectancy has been shortened as a result of his termination.

    Under the Jones Act, he has filed suit against Interocean American Shipping Corp. and Totem Ocean Trailer Express Inc.

    Case No. E180-970

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