Dec. 28

  • Dana Harmon vs. Memorial Hermann Hospital System

    PA - Woodson E. Dryden, J - Alfred Gerson

    An eye appointment is usually a hazard free experience, unless that is you visit the ladies room and slip on "wet and dirty" tile. Dana Harmon has filed suit against Memorial Hermann Hospital System.

    Harmon is suing for pain, mental anguish, lost wages and medical expenses.

    Case No. 109973

    Jan. 2

  • Entergy Gulf States, Inc. vs. Juventino Portillo

    PA - Paul Scheurich, J � Alfred Gerson

    In recent weeks, Entergy has been sued numerous times. Perhaps weary of being bulldozed, the power company has filed a suit of its own.

    On Feb. 23, 2006, Juventino Portillo drove his bulldozer over an Entergy guy wire, damaging two utility poles and causing power outages to surrounding customers in the process. To recover its losses, Entergy Gulf States, Inc. filed suit against Portillo.

    Case No. 109973

    Jan. 3

  • Curtis Thornton vs. Interocean American Shipping Corp.

    PA � Mark Lanier, J � Bob Wortham

    Plaintiff's attorney Mark Lanier's ship came in when the SS Westward Venture docked in Beaumont last Year. Lanier landed at least two clients who severed aboard the ship and filed two separate Jones Act suits last week.

    On Dec. 31, Lanier filed suit on behalf of seaman Tom Arriola against Interocean American Shipping Corp. and Totem Ocean Trailer (case No. E180-970). In that suit, the plaintiff says he developed ulcers and diabetes after he was fired � conditions he claims were the result of the stress of his wrongful termination for standing up for his union rights. "Plaintiff was fired without notice, without warning, without explanation, and in a public manner."

    In Lanier's most current suit, filed on Jan. 3, the attorney claims his client, Curtis Thornton, injured his arms while "chipping away at�rust, grime and other debris which had accumulated over the years in the ship's bilges." "Plaintiff was directed to chip out and remove this rust, grime and debris (in part because it had become wet and stinky) using one of the ship's pneumatically- driven "chipping hammers" that was inadequate to remove the rust�," the suit said.

    Case No. A180-975

  • Paul Andrues vs. Dr. J. Coffy Pieternelle

    PA � Craig Lewis, J � Gary Sanderson

    Shelly Andrues claims her daughter was born approximately 11 weeks premature because her OB/GYN ignored signs of high blood pressure.

    Shelly and her husband Paul Andrues have filed a medical-malpractice lawsuit individually and on behalf of their daughter against Dr. Coffy Pieternelle and Southeast Texas OB/GYN Associates.

    According to the plaintiffs' petition, during her pregnancy, Shelly received medical care from Dr. Pieternelle, who began seeing her on Sept. 8, 2005. During the months of December and January, Shelly's blood pressure began to steadily increase.

    "By January 30, 2006, her blood pressure was noted in her chart to be as high as 166/116, and although Mrs. Andrues was concerned about her blood pressure, Dr. Pieternelle dismissed her concerns, telling her that 'you'll be fine,' and then he left town on a two-week trip," the suit said.

    Case No. B180-977

    Jan. 4

  • Frances Augustus vs. Golden Corral Corp.

    PA � Brian Sutton, J � Milton Shuffield

    One of Texas' favorite buffets, Golden Corral, has just been sued for allegedly falling to corral the slip and fall of Frances Augustus.

    In his suit, Augustus claims he tripped over the restaurant's "defective and unreasonably dangerous" floor mat, which was "placed in a negligent manner."

    He is suing for past and future mental anguish, pain, impairment, disfigurement, medical expenses and lost wages, plus all court costs.

    Case No. D180-985

    Jan. 7

  • Christopher Borne vs. Entergy Texas Inc.

    PA � John Werner, J � Bob Wortham

    An electrician received an unwelcomed shock while working on a power supply box. Christopher Borne claims Entergy prematurely energized the box and has filed suit against the power company.

    Borne is suing for past and future mental anguish, medical expenses, disfigurement and all court costs.

    Case No. A180-988

    Jan. 8

  • Bertha and Bonnie Perez vs. Beaumont Independent School District

    PA � Alexander Gurevich, J � Bob Wortham

    A pair of Harris County residents have filed suit against the Beaumont Independent School District. Bertha and Bonnie Perez claim they were injured when a BISD bus struck the back of their vehicle.

    The plaintiffs are suing for past and future mental anguish, impairment and lost wages.

    Case No. A180-995

  • Angela Spurlock et al vs. K & R Construction Inc. et al

    PA - Richard Mithoff, J � Gary Sanderson

    A 29-year-old construction worker lost his life last year when he fell of a scaffold. Michael Spurlock's surviving family members have filed suit against his former employer, K & R Construction, and several of its owners/employees, claiming they negligently caused his death.

    The suit says Spurlock would have been expected to live for another 47.1 years.

    His family will sue for his lost wages and loss of consortium. They will also sue for punitive and mental anguish damages.

    Case No. B180-994

    Jan. 9

  • Mary Nixon vs. Randy Whitaker Jr.

    PA � Ernest Browne Jr., J � Milton Shuffield

    Any white-collar American will tell you most days at the office are routine and uneventful. However, Mary Nixon's work day went from mundane to bracing after an out-of-control motorist "came plowing into (her) building."

    Nixon claims the car hit her. She has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the vehicle's driver, Randy Whitaker Jr.

    Case No. D180-997

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