Texas Justice wants fire charges expunged: lawyer

By Rob Luke | Jan 29, 2008

David Medina

AUSTIN -- Lawyers for Texas Supreme Court Justice David C. Medina are working to wipe clear his recent indictment on arson-related charges from the public record.

Attorney Terry W. Yates told reporters he would attempt to expunge Medina's indictment because it was issued by an "illegally organized" grand jury. Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal dismissed the indictment against Medina and his wife for lack of evidence.

Several grand jurors spoke out against the dismissal and questioned whether political connections were involved, as both Medina and Rosenthal are Republicans.

The foremen of the grand jury that originally indicted Medina said he and other members would meet with any new grand jury charged with re-hearing the matter.

The Houston-area DA's office is still probing the suspicious fire last June at Medina's residence that started the current controversy. Francesca Medina was charged with arson in the case while Justice Medina faced evidence-tampering charges.

Yates expects the expungement process to take several months.

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