This Just In: Recent civil filings in Jefferson County district courts

By Marilyn Tennissen | Feb 7, 2008

Jan. 30

Jan. 30

  • Wendy Graham vs. Macy's Retail Holdings Inc.

    PA - Gilbert Adams III , J - Gary Sanderson

    Placed on light duty, a Macy's employee balked when her manager told her to apprehend a suspected shoplifter. Claiming Macy's negligently required her to do work that violated medical limitations, Wendy Graham sued the well known retailer.

    Graham filed suit against Macy's Retail Holdings Inc. and Macy's manager Michelle Blackwell. She is suing for actual and exemplary damages, plus all court costs.

    Case No. B181-138

  • Provost Umphrey vs. Rodney Barnwell

    PA - Gary Reger, J - Bob Wortham

    Allegedly, former Provost Umphrey attorney Rodney Barnwell has been refusing to pay his previous bosses fees and settlements received from cases retained while working for the law firm. Provost Umphrey filed suit against Barnwell to recover its share of fees.

    Case No. A181-147

  • James Zagone vs. Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital

    PA � Brian Sutton, J � Donald Floyd

    Slavery, segregation and keeping women from voting are three major errors committed by America that were eventually recognized as unconstitutional. But one Texas lawyer says there is fourth under-looked mistake continuing to violate the peoples' constitutional rights: medical-malpractice damage caps.

    Representing James Zagone, plaintiff's attorney Brain Sutton filed a medical-malpractice suit against Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital and Beaumont Bone & Joint Institute, claiming his client was improperly diagnosed and treated well under the hospitals' care.


    Jan. 31

  • Nu Thi Nguyen vs. Wal-Mart Stores

    PA - Rahul Lamba, J - Donald Floyd

    A leaky freezer has led to a slip and fall lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores. Nu Thi Nguyen claims she slipped and fell in a puddle of water while shopping at the Twin City Highway mega center.

    Case No. E181-149

  • Johnny Phillip Brown vs. ExxonMobil Corp.

    PA - Chad Pinkerton, J - Bob Wortham

    Disturbed by the red rash infecting his genitalia, Johnny Phillip Brown has filed suit against Exxon Mobile, claiming the oil giant negligently allowed him to slip and fall into a pool of contaminated water.

    Brown's suit also names ExxonMobil Pipeline Co. and Amec Paragon Inc. as defendants. He is suing for exemplary and actual damages, plus all court costs.

    Case No. A181-150

    Feb. 1

  • Ricky Lightfoot vs. Kelly Family Investments et al

    PA - Mary Bradford, J - Milton Shuffield

    Trespassing Gophers digging up yards are a common occurrence, but it's a tad stranger when the intruder is a human digging a drainage ditch in a shopping center.

    Ricky Lightfoot claims two companies trespassed on his property and "dug a drainage ditch on his property without his permission."

    He has filed suit against Kelly Family Investments and Allied Electrical Contractors of Beaumont Inc and is suing for exemplary damages.

    Case No. D181-168

  • Dorothy Lovett et al vs. Shell Oil et al

    PA - Tina Bradley, J - Gary Sanderson

    The family of Elbert Ray Lovett have filed a wrongful-death suit on his behalf against 48 chemical companies, claiming their benefactor was negligently exposed to toxic substances during his refinery career.

    Some of the defendants in the suit include Shell Chemical, Texaco and the Proctor and Gamble Manufacturing Co. Lovett died of bladder cancer on Oct. 27, 2007. He worked as a driver and operator for various area refineries.

    Case No. B181-177

  • Feb. 4

    Waneta Clark vs. Kirkland's Stores Inc.

    PA - Matthew Matheny, J - Donald Floyd

    Waneta Clark tumbled to the ground after tripping over a "rolled up rug" while shopping at the Estex Freeway Kirkland's. She claims the store "failed to warn her of the dangerous condition" and has filed suit. She is seeking exemplary damages.

    Case No. E181-170

  • Grace Dollins et al vs. Johnny Orta

    PA � Bruce Gregory, J � Bob Wortham

    In a case that sounds more criminal than civil, the mother of three young children has filed suit against a Groves landlord for allegedly locking her and her kids inside a rental home. Grace Dollins claims Johnny Orta shut off the water and power to his rental property while she and her children were trapped inside.

    Dollins contends Orta's conduct was malicious, which entitles her to exemplary damages.

    Case No. A181-174

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