Feb. 4

  • Ramiro Ordonez vs. Quality Construction Inc.

    PA - Steven C. Barkley, J - Bob Wortham

    Attempting to lift some plywood while on a scaffold, Ramiro Ordonez lost his balance and plummeted 10 feet. He claims the scaffold's constructer, C.S. Quality Construction Inc., negligently failed to install toe boards and handrails and has filed suit.

    Ordonez is suing for more than $100,000 in damages.

    Case No. B181-171

    Feb. 6

  • Diana Gordon vs. Marine Fueling Service Inc.

    PA - Joel Grossman, J - Milton Shuffield

    Making her way through a parking lot, Diana Gordon slipped when she stepped in a puddle. Claiming Marine Fueling Service Inc. allowed its parking lot to become "uneven and worn" � a condition that "dangerously caused water to pool" � Gordon has filed suit against the marine fueling company.

    Gordon is suing for past and future medical expenses, mental anguish and impairment.

    Case No. D181-185

    Feb. 8

  • Michael Whalen vs. A&L Industrial Services, Inc. et al

    PA - Daniel Linebaugh, J - Milton Shuffield

    Michael Whalen and his wife Laraine were attending an A&L Industrial Services, Inc. sponsored crawfish boil when Jeffrey Davis, "busy boiling crawfish, suddenly and without warning attempted to lift the basket of crawfish out of the large stockpot of scalding hot water � causing the stockpot to turn over, dumping hot water on Whalen's shoe."

    Whalen claims his foot was so severely injured in the accident that he has become disabled and impaired.

    Whalen, 44, is suing for 34 years of future pain. Whalen is also suing for past and future medical expenses, mental anguish and disfigurement. His wife is suing for past and future loss of services and consortium.

    Case No. D181-201

    Feb. 11

  • Amanda Jenkins et al vs. Blessey Marine Services Inc.

    PA - Bristol Baxley, J - Bob Wortham

    A seaman aboard the Blessey Marine Service vessel Charles Clark, Brandon Jenkins lost his life after lighting struck him last August. Seven months later, Clark's wife has filed suit against Blessey Marine, claiming the company negligently instructed him to work in inclement weather. Representing Brandon's estate, Amanda Jenkins filed a wrongful death and Jones Act suit.

    Brandon's family is suing for his pain, mental anguish, funeral expenses and lost wages, plus loss of guidance, grief and loss of services.

    Case No. A181-207

  • Ronny Goolsbee vs. ExxonMobil Corp. et al

    PA - Steven C. Barkley, J - Milton Shuffield

    Struck in the head by a piece of falling debris while working as fire guard, Ronny Goolsbee says ExxonMobil and Heatex Industries failed to provide him with a safe place to work and has filed suit.

    He is suing for more than $100,000 in damages.

    Case No. D181-208

    Feb. 12

  • June Lee et al vs. Chevron USA Inc. et al

    PA - Darren Brown, J - Bob Wortham

    The family of a deceased refinery worker has filed suit against E.I. DuPont De Nemours and Chevron USA, claiming the chemical companies negligently exposed James Lee to asbestos during his career.

    Lee's family is suing for punitive damages, plus his mental anguish, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity and disfigurement.

    Case No. A181-219

  • Quenten Pete vs. Valero Energy Corp.

    PA - Steven C. Barkley, J - Gary Sanderson

    Quenten Pete fell 5 feet while working at the Port Arthur Valero plant. Claiming the oil company negligently failed to provide him with scaffolding, Pete says he can no longer work and has filed suit. According to Pete's petition, on Sept. 27, 2007, he was employed by Thermal Insulation as an asbestos worker. After removing a line from a pipe at the Valero refinery, he attempted to climb down the pipe and fell five feet, landing on his left side. No fall protection was provided.

    Case No. B181-221

  • Sheila Ignacio vs. Conn Appliance Inc.

    PA - Dan Ducote Jr., J- Bob Wortham

    Two years after purchasing a dryer from Conn's, Sheila Ignacio claims a spark from her dyer's power cord ignited a fire and burned down her home. She has filed suit against Conn Appliance Inc. and is suing for actual, punitive and treble damages.

    Case No. A181-223

  • Mark Anderson vs. Ford Motor Co.

    PA � Jeffrey Roebuck, J - Milton Shuffield

    In August 2007, plaintiffs' attorney Jeffery Roebuck learned the hard way that performance chips void Ford's F250 truck warranty and sued Ford for "fraudulently" marketing its trucks as being "Built Ford Tough." Roebuck also sued the parts seller for "misrepresenting" that its chips won't void a vehicle's warranty.

    Now, Roebuck is at it again, filing a suit against Ford and Superchips Inc. on behalf of Mark Anderson, who also claims Ford fraudulently marketed its F250 truck as "Built Ford Tough" when the company "knew that the diesel engine had defects."

    "(Anderson) purchased the programmer (for his 2004 Ford F250) based upon representations made in Superchips advertising that the programmer would not void the manufacture's warranty and that the programmer would not damage the vehicles engine."

    Case No. D181-226

  • William Travis vs. Crowley Marine Service Inc.

    PA - Jeffrey Roebuck, J - Milton Shuffield

    Seaman William Travis has filed a Jones Act suit against Crowley Marine Service Inc., claiming the company negligently caused his shoulder injury. Travis' suit does not describe how Crowley Marine Service allegedly negligently caused his shoulder injury.

    He is suing for past and future mental anguish, medical expenses and impairment.

    Case No. D181-227

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