A Jefferson County man has received a temporary restraining order to stop the city from demolishing a building he purchased in downtown Beaumont.

In a suit filed pro se in the Jefferson County District Court, Brian Muldrow claims he purchased a building at 2002 Park Street without realizing it had been slated for demolishment. Muldrow's requests for more time to repair and remodel the structure have been denied.

He received a temporary restraining order against the city of Beaumont on March 31.

"In this suit, Plaintiff is not seeking damages from Defendant. The property � was declared to be a dilapidated structure and is scheduled to be demolished," the suit said.

"The Defendant states in their letter that notices had been given. Mr. Muldrow did not receive the letter because he did not own the property at this time. Mr. Muldrow was informed of the Defendant's intentions after contractual obligations and financing arrangements had been made, that the building was scheduled for demolition.

"No notices have been given to Mr. Muldrow at 2002 Park Street or his correct mailing address. Mr. Muldrow has attempted to obtain an extension of time to renovate the structure but his requests have been denied by the Defendant. Mr. Muldrow has spoken with appropriate people at the city of Beaumont and has met with the city officials at the property to ascertain what is required to be done on the property."

The suit continues by stating that all of the city's personnel tried to help him to no avail, so Muldrow will suffer immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage if the city is not enjoined.

"Plaintiff does not have an adequate remedy at law because Defendant has scheduled to demolish the structure and once it is demolished all investments made in this property will be lost," the suit said. "Plaintiff will post a reasonable temporary restraining bond when set by the Court. The Jefferson County Appraisal District has valuation at approximately $49,000.00."

When a hearing is scheduled, Muldrow will ask Judge Bob Wortham, 58th Judicial Court, to grant him a permanent injunction.

Case No. A181-515

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