April 21

  • Oscar Reyes Jr. vs. Laquay Dredging Inc.

    PA � Tony Buzbee, J � Wayne Mallia

    Seaman Oscar Reyes Jr. argues in a suit that T.W. Laquay Dredging Inc. bears responsibility for injuries sustained to his back and other parts of his body while on the job. Moreover, he claims Laquay dismissed him for obtaining medical help.

    According to the suit, Reyes was performing his regular duties aboard one of Laquay's vessels in High Island on or around the night of April 7 when he reportedly tripped over a cable and fell onto the deck of the barge, injuring his body.

    The Plaintiff claims his work area lacked sufficient lighting and the cable he encountered was not supposed to have been left out on the deck, apparently bringing about his fall.

    Case No. 08CV0400

    April 23

  • Robbie Shaw vs. E-Quest

    PA � Robert G. Lee, J � Susan Criss

    Robbie Shaw is seeking reimbursement for which she sued Retirement Living Management Inc. after the company terminated her in December 2001. RLM, however, declared bankruptcy prior to compensating Shaw, and its assets and operations were turned over to another entity known as E-Quest.

    The suit alleges E-Quest violated state law, claiming the business must pay Shaw damages and additional fees totaling more $10,000.

    Shaw was one of more than 500 employees on RLM's payroll at the time of her dismissal. During her stint, according to the case, Shaw was treated negatively solely because of her race.

    Shaw subsequently sued RLM in the 56th District Court here in 2002 and obtained a jury verdict and judgment in her favor in 2004. In spite of this, the defendant was not able to carry out its financial obligations as ordered by Judge Norma Venso.

    Case No. 08CV0414

    April 28

  • David Jerry Floyd et al vs. United Bulk Carriers et al

    PA � Bradley Christen, J � Susan Criss

    The sinking of a small boat carrying two seafarers in the Houston Ship Channel is the focus of a lawsuit filed in Galveston County District Court April 28.

    David Jerry Floyd, Sandra Lynn Wood and Capt. David R. Huston allege M/V UBC Tampico, a bulk carrier ship approximately 600 feet long, inflicted considerable damage to their vessel, the Lynda Sioux.

    The plaintiffs, who are represented by attorney Bradley W. Christen, seek $1 million from the defendants.

    According to the suit, on the evening of Oct. 20, 2007, the Tampico created a bow wake that lured the small boat.

    In addition to M/V UBC Tampico, the trio challenges United Bulk Carriers, SeaQuest Repair and Salvage, an unidentified second ship, and its unnamed owner on allegations of general maritime negligence and gross negligence.

    Other grievances include destruction, looting, negligent salvage, and theft.

    Case No. 08CV0431

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