A Beaumont man purchased a condemned house in hopes of saving the "historic home" from demolition.

And now that the city of Beaumont has slated the property for demolishment, Tommy W. Hinson has filed suit against the city, seeking an injunction as well as damages for his troubles.

Hinson's suit was filed in the Jefferson County District Court on April 30. That same day, Judge Milton Shuffield, 172nd Judicial District, approved a temporary restraining order, stopping the city from bulldozing the building.

According to Hinson's suit, on April 2 he purchased a home located at 407 Seventh St. in Beaumont, "which had been declared to be a dilapidated structure and is scheduled to be demolished by the city."

"Hinson purchased the home to save it from demolition and to remodel and renovate the home to its past historical roots," the suit said. "It is one of only two homes left in Beaumont with that particular historical architecture."

According to the Jefferson County Appraisal District, the house was built in 1943.

The house has been used as both a residence and as a commercial structure over the decades, including a time during the 1980s when it was the original location of the Black Eyed Pea Restaurant.

Once a hearing is slated, Hinson will ask Judge Shuffield to award him a permanent injunction against the city, court costs, attorneys' fees and all further relief to which he may be entitled to receive.

He is represented by Thomas O. Moses.

Case No. D181-689

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