May 13

Terry Davidson vs. Estes Trucking Co.

PA � Richard Schechter, J � David Garner

Terry Davidson of Santa Fe filed suit against Estes Trucking Company on allegations the latter did not exercise caution when it dropped off a batch of supplies at the League City Home Depot at which Davidson was working.

Davidson was tabbed to collect the shipment consisting of copper sheeting, according to the suit. The complaint states that Davidson was in the process of unloading the trailer attached to the truck owned and/or operated by defendant Estes Trucking or its employee when one of the pallets of copper sheeting weighing approximately 2,300 pounds fell on plaintiff, crushing and seriously injuring his left leg and other parts of his body.

The case contends unawareness on the part of the trucking company as the cause of the pallet's fall on Davidson. The suit, however, does not name Home Depot in any capacity.

Case No. 08CV0499

May 16

  • Calixto Lopez Jr. vs. Jeffery Paul Jordan and Spec's Family Partners Ltd.

    PA � Langdon Smith, J � John Ellisor

    Calixto Lopez Jr., individually and as next friend of minors Calixto Lopez III and Christina Lopez, accuses Jeffery Paul Jordan and Spec's Family Partners Ltd. of negligence behind the wheel which, the suit alleges, caused a wreck between Lopez and Jordan on a Galveston intersection.

    "Plaintiff Calixto Lopez Jr. was traveling westbound on Avenue O on the left lane. Defendant [Jeffery Paul] Jordan was traveling westbound on Avenue O on the left lane. Defendant Jordan made a left turn onto 25th Street striking Plaintiff's vehicle and pushing it to a tree," explains the suit.

    "The conduct of this Defendant constituted negligence as that term is understood in law and such negligent conduct was a proximate cause of this occurrence, injuries, and damages to Plaintiff made the basis of this suit."

    Case No. 08cv0515

    May 20

  • Syliva Y. Love vs. Union Carbide et al

    PA � Hilary Reagin, J � John Ellisor

    Sylvia Y. Love, on behalf of the late Milton J. Love, is suing several entities, including his former employer Union Carbide Corporation, for allegedly implementing measures and practices they knew would prove detrimental to the health and well-being of Milton J. Love, who maintained a lengthy career working with asbestos prior to contracting renal cancer.

    A.W. Chesterton, General Electric Company, Ingersoll-Rand Company, Georgia Pacific LLC, and Viacom, Inc. are also named as defendants.

    Milton J. Love's widow alleges the fatal disease materialized as a result of the man being subjected to asbestos and other related products "mined, produced, distributed, installed, and/or sold by Defendants."

    Among the damages Sylvia Y. Love claims to have suffered are medical, funeral, and burial expenses as well as mental anguish and loss of care, companionship, and financial support as was provided by Milton J. Love. She is seeking reimbursement for said damages and the physical impairment, pain, suffering, and disfigurement inflicted upon the decedent prior to his passing.

    Case No. 08CV0522

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