Four defendants named in suit alleging supplements caused liver damage

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Jul 9, 2008

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GALVESTON – A U.S. Military Policeman says local businesses allegedly manufactured and supplied him dietary supplements which inflicted severe and permanent damage to his liver.

Baytown natives Jared and Amanda Poor are suing Island Supplements, Nutrition Discount Co., Robert Lawhorn and Farris Baba for what they believe is negligence, misrepresentation and implied warranty breach behind a 2007 transaction between the Ft. Rucker, Ala.-based soldier and the quartet of defendants.

The couple filed the suit before the 122nd District Court on July 1. They have requested a jury trial.

The lawsuit claims the defendants suggested that Jared Poor ingest Phera-Bol and Methyl DX3 for five weeks to help him with his weight.

"Defendants recommended Phera-Bol and Methyl DX3 as safe and legal weight training enhancers," it says. "Poor began 'stacking' Phera-Bol based on defendants' recommended five-week cycle. On the fourth week, Defendants recommended Poor to take Methyl DX3."

What reportedly followed were "severe headaches, extreme fatigue and profuse sweating."

Poor started to show symptoms of liver damage a week after taking Methyl DX3 and was subsequently admitted to the hospital, adds the suit.

"Poor was rushed to the emergency room at Wilford Hall Medical Center where he underwent a liver biopsy and was diagnosed with drug-induced cholestasis," it explains. "After being admitted to the hospital, Poor began exhibiting sings of jaundice, colonitis, and itchy skin."

To this day, according to the complaint, Poor continues to suffer from the aforementioned headaches, exhaustion, and colonitis caused by ingesting the supplements.

"As a result of these injuries, Poor has been unable to continue his regular duties as a Military Policeman and has been restricted from any physical training or activities," laments the plaintiff. "These restrictions have prevented Poor from attending scheduled military classes and schools required for advancing in pay grade in the United States Army."

The Poors consequently seek punitive damages including but not limited to lost wages and medical expenses. Amanda Poor blames the defendants for loss of consortium due to Jared Poor's deteriorating health thus is named as a co-plaintiff.

Judge John Ellisor is presiding over the case.

Case No. 08CV0695

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