Med-mal suit blames podiatrist for foot pain

By David Yates | Jul 15, 2008

A Beaumont woman is suing the podiatrist who operated on her foot, claiming the doctor failed to warn her of the risks of surgery.

Court papers say Tammy McDaniel is suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a condition she alleges is the result of foot surgery performed more than two years ago by Dr. Christopher Browning, podiatrist.

McDaniel's medical-malpractice suit was filed July 11 in Jefferson County District Court.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome is a condition that features symptoms including pain, tenderness and swelling of an extremity. Events that can trigger the condition include trauma and surgery.

In her suit, McDaniel says Browning performed decompression surgery on her left foot May 26, 2006.

During the course of her surgery, McDaniel claims she suffered Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and pain "attributable to defendant's failure to maintain the standard of care for surgery."

"McDaniel's own conduct did not contribute to the injuries in any way, and but for the negligence of the defendant, she would not have been injured," the suit states.

McDaniel accuses Browning of negligently failing to "warn her of the dangers resulting from (his) incompetent treatment," court papers say.

"Dr. Browning, as a member of the medical community, had a duty to the plaintiff to sufficiently disclose any and all risks and hazards incident to the decompression surgery recommended by defendant, in order to permit the plaintiff to make an informed choice and give informed consent to the procedure," the suit says.

"Plaintiff would show that defendant was negligent in failing to disclose that the decompression surgery involved risks and hazards that would have influenced a reasonable person in making a decision to give or withhold consent," the lawsuit continues.

McDaniel is seeking damages for past and future medical expenses, pain, mental anguish, impairment, lost earnings, loss of household services, disfigurement and fear of future disease as well as exemplary damages and fear of future disease or condition.

She is represented by attorney Brett Thomas of the Roebuck & Thomas law firm.

The case has been assigned to Judge Gary Sanderson of the 60th Judicial District.

Case No. B182-040

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