This Just In: Recent civil suits filed in Jefferson County District Courts

By David Yates | Jul 24, 2008

July 15

  • Barney Crosby vs. James Mathis

    PA – Gregory Lee, J – Donald Floyd

    On Feb. 3, 2007, the plaintiff was rear-ended by the defendant. The suit does not state where the incident occurred. The plaintiff alleges the defendant negligently failed to control his vehicle and keep a proper lookout.

    He is suing for past and future mental anguish, medical expenses and impairment, plus actual damages and court costs.

    Case No. E182-063

  • Catherine Rocio vs. Kenetra Barnett and Ashley LaFleur

    PA – James Payne, J – Gary Sanderson

    On Aug. 3, 2006, the plaintiff was traveling southbound on Steelton St. in Beaumont when LaFleur allegedly failed to pass to the left safely and collided with the plaintiff's vehicle. The suit also faults Barnett with negligent entrustment.

    The plaintiff is suing for past and future mental anguish, medical expenses, lost wages and impairment, plus actual damages and court costs.

    Case No. B182-066

  • Bryon Lewis vs. Melita Hoffman

    PA – James Payne, J – Milton Shuffield

    On Aug. 17, 2007, the plaintiff was traveling south on the Eastex Freeway when the defendant made an unsafe lane change and hit plaintiff's vehicle.

    The plaintiff is suing for past and future mental anguish, medical expenses, lost wages and impairment, plus actual damages and court costs.

    Case No. D182-067

    July 16

  • Perfusion Services vs. Renaissance Hospitals Inc.

    PA – Kerwin Stone, J – Milton Shuffield

    The plaintiff alleges the defendant defaulted on payment for a cardiac support services contract signed April 17, 2007. The plaintiff claims the hospital owes it $45,064 for services rendered.

    Case No. D182-073

    July 17

  • Fanta Mosley vs. Walthall Ready Mix

    PA – Clint McGuire, J – Donald Floyd

    The plaintiff claims that on March 15, 2008, her vehicle was struck by a Walthall Ready Mix truck. The suit does not describe the incident in detail.

    The plaintiff is suing for past and future mental anguish, medical expenses, lost wages and impairment, plus actual damages and court costs.

    Case No. E182-076

  • Sophia Baker vs. Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

    PA – Steve Mostyn, J – Gary Sanderson

    The plaintiff is suing the insurance company and several of its claims adjusters for allegedly refusing to pay at least a portion of her Hurricane Rita damage claim. The suit alleges the defendants are guilty of Texas Insurance Code and DTPA violations.

    The plaintiff is suing for actual and consequential damages, plus attorneys' fees.

    Case No. B182-080

  • Gliese Bergeron vs. A.O. Smith Corp. et al

    PA Bryan Blevins, J – Bob Wortham

    During his career as a pipe-fitter, Gliese Bergeron worked around and breathed asbestos dust. When he developed an "asbestos-related disease," he sued and received a claim.

    Now he's seeking additional monetary compensation for a "different malignant asbestos-related injury," court papers show. Bergeron's petition says the A.O. Smith Corp., along with the 18 other companies named in the suit, knowingly and maliciously manufactured and distributed asbestos-containing products throughout Jefferson County.

    He is suing for exemplary damages.

    Case No. A182-077

    July 18

  • Ted Slaughter vs. Beaumont Bone & Joint Institute et al

    PA – Micky Das, J – Gary Sanderson

    Nearly two years ago, Ted Slaughter maimed his left hand with a circular saw. A week following his injury, Slaughter had surgery to repair his hand, and to this day has trouble performing daily functions, court papers say.

    Slaughter blames Beaumont Bone & Joint Institute for his debilitated condition and has filed suit against the care provider and one of its physicians, claiming the defendants failed to "timely refer" him to a specialist, court papers show.

    He is suing for exemplary damages.

    Case No. B182-079

  • Wesley Schlett vs. city of Beaumont

    PA - Donald Boudreaux, J – Donald Floyd

    Hoping to rehabilitate a dilapidated building on McFadden before the city of Beaumont can bulldoze it, Wesley Schlett has sought and received a temporary restraining order. Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd Judicial District, signed the TRO on July 18. An injunction hearing has been slated for Aug. 1.

    Case No. E182-081

    July 21

    Lynda Roberson vs. Sears Holdings Management Corp.

    PA – Harry Arthur, J – Bob Wortham

    Two years ago, a local woman says her foot was injured at Sears when a lawnmower toppled off an overhead display shelf. Lynda Roberson has filed suit against Sears Holdings, claiming the retailer negligently failed "to warn customers of the hazards of the lawnmowers being placed on overhead racks," state court documents.

    Roberson is suing for $30,000 in damages, plus all court costs.

    Case No. A 182-096

  • Petrotex Fuels Inc. vs. Ford Motor Co. et al

    PA - Jeffrey Roebuck, J – Milton Shuffield

    Petrotex Fuels, Inc. voided its Ford truck's warranty by having an engine-stressing, aftermarket part installed. When the truck blew a gasket, Petrotex had to pay $6,000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

    Instead of learning a lesson the hard way, Petrotex opted to file suit against Ford Motor Company, claiming the vehicle manufacture "fraudulently" marketed its trucks as being "Built Ford Tough," state court documents.

    Petrotex is suing for actual and exemplary damages, mental anguish and attorney's fees.

    Case No. D182-102

    July 23

  • Jacqueline Allen et al vs. Houston Refining et al

    PA – Terry Bryant, J – Gary Sanderson

    Four construction workers present at the site of the deadly July 18 crane collapse in Houston filed a personal injury lawsuit July 23 in Jefferson County District Court.

    According to local media reports, the 30-story-tall crane, designed to lift more than a million pounds, fell at a LyondellBasell refinery in southeast Houston around 2 p.m. – killing four workers and injuring seven others.

    The plaintiffs in the suit claim they were seriously injured and are suing defendants Deep South Crane & Rigging Investments, Lyondell, Houston Refining and James Roecker for medical expenses, lost wages and actual damages.

    Case No. B182-113

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