Photos of Hurricane Ike aftermath in Beaumont-Part 2

By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 18, 2008

9/17/2008-The "muffler man" is left balancing on one foot after Hurricane Ike knocked him from his perch at Ken's Muffler on 11th Street.

9/17/2008-Employees of Jason's Deli remove items from the damaged restaurant at the Gateway Shopping Center.

9/17/2008-When a POD (Point of Distribution)opened at the Gateway Shopping Center, the line for ice, water and heater meals started on 11th Street, moved up Stagg Drive to Interstate 10 and then snaked through the shopping center parking lot. Some drivers waited more than two hours in line.

9/17/2008-A sign in the window of an 18-wheeler indicates the truck's contents and destination.

9/17/2008-For residents that had been without electricity for four days, heater meal lasagna was worth the two hour wait at the Gateway POD.

9/17/2008-After cars waited in line up to two hours, Army personnel quickly loaded the vehicles with ice, water and heater meals.

9/17/2008-An EMS worker learns that a gurney makes a good way to load ice into an ambulance for transport to headquarters.

9/17/2008-A pregnant woman went into labor while waiting in line for ice and water at the Gateway POD. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

9/17/2008-Utility workers struggle to remove a damaged power line in a neighborhood off Calder in Beaumont's West End.

9/17/2008-A huge oak tree in front of Trinity United Methodist Church on Harrison Street is left twisted and broken by Hurricane Ike.

9/17/2008-A worker gets high into a tree to remove broken branches at Calder Baptist Church off 11th Street.

9/17/2008-Large piles of debris along the street, like these in front of Calder Baptist Church, are becoming a familiar sight as Beaumont tries to clean up after Hurricane Ike.

9/18/2008-The Federal Emergency Management Agency sets up a mobile command center at Ford Park.

9/18/2008-The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is on hand at Ford Park to aid with debris removal and infrastructure repair.

9/18/2008-A tent city is under construction to house the emergency response teams gathering at Ford Park.

9/18/2008-Thousands of trucks containing ice, water and other supplies stream in and out of Ford Park to various distribution sites in Texas.

9/18/2008-Working day and night with little sleep covering the approach, landfall and aftermath of Hurricane Ike is catching up with members of the local media.

9/18/2008-Military helicopters bringing Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and other officials to Ford Park can be seen under the damaged entrance gates to the South Texas State Fair grounds.

9/18/2008-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff visits the Ford Park operations and meets with local officials to coordinate response efforts.

9/18/2008-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff tells local media that the communities of Southeast Texas will not be forgotten in efforts to recover from Hurricane Ike.

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