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GALVESTON – A La Marque woman has filed suit against a Texas City hospital and one of its employees for "a near death experience" she reportedly underwent shortly after giving birth two years ago, court papers say.

Lakisha Hogan accuses Mainland Medical Center and staff nurse Melissa Gordy of providing her "negligent medical care and treatment" after she delivered her baby, claiming the defendants improperly gave her a shot of Demerol.

Hogan filed the suit before Galveston County District Court on Oct. 10. She is represented by Houston attorney Frances Arzu.

The original petition says that Hogan had a successful Caesarian section delivery on Sept. 7, 2006, and was examined the following morning by Gordy, who injected Demerol into the plaintiff. It further explains Hogan reacted negatively to the injection.

"After the injection, plaintiff 'coded,' meaning that an adverse event identified as a respiratory depression had occurred," the complaint states. "In layman's terms, the plaintiff was overdosed."

A physician, Dr. Sean Wingroff, initiated emergency treatment in response to Hogan's "obvious distress." It was during the procedure the plaintiff nearly perished, the suit argues, attributing the ordeal to Gordy's alleged actions.

"Plaintiff states that specific acts and omissions of the defendant were the proximate cause of said injuries."

Dr. Wingroff was not named in the suit in any capacity.

The suit asserts Gordy failed to warn the plaintiff of the dangers of excess Demerol and failed to properly perform the medical treatment necessary to the plaintiff's well-being in accordance to the standards of the nursing profession.

In addition, Hogan brings up the writ of respondant superior against Mainland Medical Center for hiring and retaining Gordy.

Hogan consequently seeks damages covering medical care and expenses and physical pain and suffering plus exemplary damages. She demands a jury trial.

The case has been assigned to Galveston County 10th District Court Judge David Garner.

Case No. 08CV1037

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