An Orange County resident has filed a request for a restraining order and a petition to perpetuate testimony against his employers in preparation for possibly filing a lawsuit.

Gregory Hollis filed the petition against Colonial Pipeline Co. and Industrial Coatings Contractors Oct. 31 in Jefferson County District Court.

Hollis was injured only two days before filing the petition.Court papers show that on Oct. 29, Hollis, an Industrial Coatings employee, was at CPC's premises when he fell through an opening in a tank and was injured.

"Petitioner seeks to investigate the circumstances and identify culpable parties," the suit says. "Petitioner believes respondents have such information."

Hollis is seeking photographs, investigation reports, records and reports related to the incident.

He is asking the court to grant him a TRO to prohibit the respondents from destroying or tampering with any evidence.

Hollis is represented by attorney Curtis Leister of the Reaud, Morgan & Quinn law firm.

Case No. A182-648

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