A woman has filed suit against the city of Port Arthur and a Louisiana man, alleging she was injured after the bus on which she was riding was in a collision.

Virgie Broussard was a passenger on a Port Arthur city bus on June 25 when the accident occurred, according to the complaint filed Nov. 17 in Jefferson County District Court.

The bus was traveling north on Highway 347 and was approaching Highway 73 access road when the driver of the bus ignored a red light and drove through the intersection, the suit states.

At the same time the bus was going through the intersection, a vehicle driven by Louisiana resident Frank Standley hit the bus, Broussard claims.

Because of the collision, Broussard incurred medical expenses, physical pain and suffering and physical impairment, according to the complaint.

She also suffered disfigurement, mental anguish and fear of a future disease or condition, the suit states.

She claims the city of Port Arthur was negligent because it hired Alfred Errol Granger, the bus driver, to operate one of its vehicles when it should have known that Granger was "a reckless and incompetent driver," the suit states.

Standley was negligent because he failed to turn his vehicle to avoid a collision, failed to keep a safe distance from the bus, drove too fast, failed to apply his brakes and failed to enter the intersection when it was safe to do so, according to the complaint.

Broussard is seeking damages within the jurisdictional limits and exemplary damages, plus prejudgment interest at the maximum rate allowed by law, post-judgment interest at the legal rate, costs and other relief to which she is entitled.

Langston Scott Adams of Port Arthur will be representing her.

The case has been assigned to Judge Milton Shuffield of the 136th District Court.

Case No. D182-726

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