Rankings from the ATRF 'Judicial Hellhole' report for 2008/2009

By Marilyn Tennissen | Dec 16, 2008

List of rankings from the ATRF 'Judicial Hellhole' report for 2008/2009. A pdf of the complete 64-page report is attached.

Information from the American Tort Reform Foundation report released Dec. 16

2008/2009 Judicial Hellholes

Places where judges systematically apply laws and court procedures in an inequitable manner, generally against defendants in civil lawsuits.

1. West Virginia
2. South Florida
3. Cook County, Ill.
4. Atlantic County, N.J.
5. Montgomery and Macon counties, Ala.
6. Los Angeles County, Calif.
7. Clark County, Nev.

Hellhole Watch List

Jurisdictions that bear watching for suspicious or negative developments in litigation, histories of abuse or laudable efforts to improve themselves

1. The Gulf Coast and Rio Grande Valley of Texas
2. Madison County, Ill.
3. Baltimore, Md.
4. St. Louis (city of) and St. Louis and Jackson counties, Mo.

Points of Light

Interventions by judges, legislators, the electorate and the media that reduce lawsuit abuse

  • Maryland Court of Appeals Reaffirms No "Duty to the World"
  • Rhode Island Supreme Court rejects Product-based Public Nuisance Complaints
  • Pennsylvania and Texas Emerge from Depths of Medical Malpractice Crisis
  • New Jersey and Oregon Supreme Courts Require Physical Injury for Medical Monitoring

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