Sexual harassment suit against Laminack dismissed

By David Yates | Apr 2, 2009


In July 2008, the Record reported that a former paralegal at one of Houston's power-house law firms claimed she was wrongfully terminated for rejecting the sexual advances of superstar attorney Richard Laminack.

On April 2, almost a year since former paralegal Angela Robinson was fired, the allegations brought against Laminack were dismissed by Judge Tracy E. Christopher of the 295th District Court in Houston.

In her suit, Robinson had alleged that Laminack was a "sexual predator" whose behavior has been condoned for years by his employers and fellow attorneys.

Robinson was employed as a paralegal by the firms from May 2002 to what she claims was her wrongful termination on April 14, 2008.

She alleged that for years, Laminack used his position of power to demand sexual favors from male as well as female employees both before and after working hours, at the office and at other locations.

"I have always had faith in the system and knew that the facts would speak for themselves," Laminack said in a press release. "While it is wonderful that our society allows anyone to readily file a lawsuit, our legal structure does have mechanisms built in to deal with frivolous lawsuits such as this. This has certainly been a long and painful process for all of us to go through."

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