To the Editor:

Texas Senators recently passed a new law that will allow "no-proof" asbestos lawsuits in Texas...opening up more employers to litigation and opening Texas courts to a flood of out-of-state asbestos lawsuits.

Under our current system, those who have suffered from asbestos exposure are getting a fair trial and the sickest among them are getting fast hearings and significant settlements because of their injuries, which they deserve.

But no one deserves a system that targets employers that did not contribute to a person's illness. The current standards in these lawsuits are based on science...the change Senators approved is based on rhetoric and the intense lobbying of a handful of personal injury lawyers who want to bring more employers into these. Many of the smaller employers they target will be forced to settle.

And, while everyone couches this in terms of the victims, the sponsor of the bill said he was not opposed to lawyers involved taking as much as 40 percent of the monies awarded to their clients.

Now who is taking care of the victims?

This legislation now goes to the Texas House of Representatives. One can only hope they have the sense to reject this personal injury lawyer stimulus bill...and protect Texas jobs and the employers who create those jobs.

Jon Smiley
Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

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