GALVESTON � Alleging his residence is still in shambles despite making payments for repairs, a Santa Fe man is suing a local construction business for $50,000 in Galveston County District Court.

In a deceptive trade lawsuit filed on June 16, Carlos W. Glaskox explains that Terrell Construction failed and refused to complete restoration work on his home, which was damaged during Hurricane Ike.

He adds any attempts by the defendant were of substandard quality and poor workmanship.

Glaskox filed a claim to his insurance company following Ike prior to hiring Terrell.

An initial adjustment determined approximately $25,000 worth of damage was inflicted.
A subsequent inspection by the defendant uncovered close to $48,000.

Court papers say the home's damages were readjusted to $40,000 and checks in the respective amounts of $13,638.71 and $14,651.37 were issued to Glaskox and his mortgage company.

The mortgage company retained the check for $14,651.37 until such time as repairs were partially completed, they explain.

Glaskox states he wrote the defendant a check for $15,000 immediately after it demanded payment in order for work can commence.

Repairs to the residence began, however, there was reportedly a lack of communication between Glaskox and the defendant.

"The defendant(s) have failed and refused to provide to plaintiff detailed invoices and/or repair reports, even though the plaintiff has repeatedly requested the same," the suit says.

Glaskox insists he had to rely on the defendant's purported expertise as he tended to his two young children and cancer-stricken wife.

"To date, the plaintiff's home remains in disrepair," the suit says.

The plaintiff claims he was overcome with mental anguish while the house deprecated in property and resale values.

The defendant is ultimately accused of neglectfully investigating potential job applicants, improperly supervising personnel, and failing to provide adequate oversight and safeguards.

Texas City attorney Paul H. LaValle is representing Glaskox.

The case has been assigned to Galveston County 122nd District Court Judge John Ellisor.

Case No. 09CV0983

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