Citizens gathered at South Park Middle School on July 1 to protest the demolition of the 86-year-old school. The Beaumont Heritage Society filed for a temporary restraining while it works preserve the building.

Hoping to save South Park Middle School from being bulldozed, the Beaumont Heritage Society filed and obtained a temporary restraining order Wednesday, July 1.

That same day a formal demonstration protesting the Beaumont Independent School District's closure of the school was held on the footsteps of South Park Middle School.

The dozens of protestors gathered at the school paraded signs and chanted "Let Her Stand."

Judge Bob Wortham of the 58th District approved the temporary restraining order. A hearing for a temporary injunction has been slated for July 14.

BISD planned to demolish the 86-year-old building this summer as part of the district's $389 million bond issue.

Although the school weathered three of the area's worst hurricanes and has stood since 1923, BISD claims the building cannot accommodate the influx of new middle school students.

At the Wednesday protest and press conference, Michael Getz, attorney for the Heritage Society, said the district misled bond voters and is now going back on its promise not to tear down South Park Middle School.

"Once the bond was passed and the board got the money they decided they can do with it as they please," said Getz.

Getz claims BISD never bothered to perform a solid cost effective study on the difference between demolishing versus renovating the school.

Case No. D184-425

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