Don't you get tired of hearing the same arguments over and over again, even when you know you're right? Surely, when the facts and logic are demonstrable and undeniable, opponents should concede.

When that doesn't occur, were they listening, or worse, did they care about who's right or wrong?

Nowadays everything is deniable.

O.J. Simpson said he did not murder his ex-wife. Bill Clinton did not have sex with "that woman," and "global warming" acolytes can claim that the havoc-wreaking theories of their all-knowing political cults have not been discredited.

Who are we going to believe – their version or facts?

With the president and Congress in an all-out effort to "reform" a health care system that worked until lawyers and politicians started meddling in it, we are told – by those same lawyers and politicians – that the one reform most likely to provide a significant brake on the rising cost of health won't be discussed.

It's the reform targeting lawyers who are taking too big a cut of our health care dollar today.

And the congressional "reformers" were not pleased when the Congressional Budget Office reaffirmed last week that the best way for American taxpayers to curb health care costs was to reasonably limit lawsuits against doctors and hospitals. Tort reforms like caps on court awards for "pain and suffering" and shortening the statute-of-limitations on such suits would save billions of dollars, said the CBO.

"CBO's latest assessment of the effects of tort reform on spending for health care draws on a considerable amount of analysis that the agency has undertaken during the past several years and a stream of recent research studies that have used a variety of data and empirical techniques," CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf emphasized.

The facts and logic are on Elmendorf's side. Will it make a difference?

It seems a self-serving alliance of trial lawyers and politicians (often one and the same) are willing to simply deny what everyone knows to be true as they stand ready to stifle debate on meaningful legal reform.

Their intentional ignorance may be their bliss, but it's our disaster.

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