Back to School Safety Tips from the Beaumont Police Department

By The SE Texas Record | Aug 23, 2011

1. Be mindful of school safety zones. Officers will be working to protect children starting the new school year, but we would like citizens to remember to observe the posted speeds, do not use cell phones while driving in school zones and limit distractions in the vehicle.

2. Crosswalks will be monitored by officers and school crossing guards. Instruct your children to cross at monitored sites where provided.

3. If your child walks or rides a bike to school, you should travel that route with your child a few times so they know how to get to their destination. Monitor your neighborhood activities during the hours that your child will be traveling to and from school so that you may choose the safest route.

It is a good idea to visit with people who live in that area and designate a few "safe houses" that the student could run to if they are in need of held.

If the child is walking to school or a to a bus stop, remind them to use sidewalks. If sidewalks are not provided, advise them to walk on the edge of the grass near the curb and against the flow of traffic.

Remind children to be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives and stay at least 10 feet from the bus until the doors open. Advise students to cross in front of the bus, never behind, and to try and stay 10 feet in front so the driver can see them. If the student drops something under the bus, advise them not to retrieve it, the driver will not be able to see them.

Pay attention to the weather reports and make sure the student is dressed for inclement weather or has proper clothing. Clothing should be visible in poorly lit conditions.

4. We ask that motorists pay attention to current bus safety laws and be familiar with flashing light-signal systems. It is a violation of the law to pass a school bus while it is loading or unloading. Children may dart into the street without looking for oncoming vehicles.

Make sure that your verify the bus number the student is to board and that the student is familiar with that number. Motorists should stop 20 feet from the rear of the bus and use extra caution when backing out of driveways.

5. City traffic will increase when school starts. Inner city streets will be congested and there will be delays on the freeways. Be mindful of that increase in traffic and leave your home early to arrive at your destination on time.

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