Texas AG asked about service fees

By Jessica M. Karmasek | Oct 18, 2011

AUSTIN (Legal Newsline) - One Texas lawmaker wants to know if a retail establishment, like a fast food restaurant, can legally charge an itemized "service fee" or offer a cash discount on a consumer transaction.

State Rep. Jim Jackson (R-Carrollton), who serves as the chairman of the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, requested Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's opinion on the matter last month.

Jackson, in his two-page letter to Abbott Sept. 29, said the law "seems to be clear" that offering a cash discount is acceptable in Texas.

The service fee, he noted, would be for a "small, fixed amount" and would not be percentage-based.

Included in his letter to Abbott was an example of a disclosure that would be placed on the consumer's side of the cash register.

According to the sign, a 40-cent service fee would be charged on all sales over $10 while a 50-cent cash discount would be given on cash sales over $10.

He also attached examples of how the service fee and cash discount would be handled, in the form of register receipts.

The first receipt showed the 40-cent service fee charged for a cash purchase above $10. It also included the 50-cent discount for paying with cash.

The second reflected the 40-cent fee charged for a credit card purchase over $10. However, the 50-cent discount was not awarded since the customer paid with a card.

Jackson, a Republican from Carrollton, said he asked for Abbott's opinion because there was an inquiry on behalf of an out-of-state company.

"I personally think a cash discount and/or a credit card surcharge is legal but someone obviously had some doubt, so I agreed to seek the opinion," he said in an e-mail Thursday.

According to the Attorney General's Office, the opinion committee received Jackson's request Oct. 4.

Jackson announced in July he was retiring after his current term expires.

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