Beaumont cop under fire for running stop sign in trial against city

By David Yates | Mar 3, 2010

A Beaumont man testified on Wednesday that a Beaumont police officer ran a stop sign and sideswiped his vehicle, leaving him unable to work.

A trial against the city of Beaumont, Clifford Teasley vs. city of Beaumont, is currently carrying on in Judge Bob Wortham's 58th District Court.

Court documents show that on Nov. 4, 2006, Clifford Teasley was traveling west on South Street when Officer Cody Foote sped through a stop sign, causing Teasley to strike the broadside of the police vehicle.

"I was (entering the intersection) when suddenly out of nowhere comes this police car flying down the road," Teasley testified March 3. "The air bags exploded ... my bumper came off and fluids were leaking out of my car."

Teasley said that within minutes of the incident, several police cars showed up at the scene, along with a crime scene unit.

He testified that he declined to go to the hospital and returned home following the incident.

In October 2008, nearly two years after the incident, Teasley filed suit against the city under the legal doctrine respondeat superior, Latin for "let the master answer."

Teasley alleges the officer failed to abide by the same traffic regulations he is paid to enforce.

He is asking jurors to award him damages for his past and future medical expenses, mental anguish and impairment.

He claims that in the past he has worked as a disk jockey and most recently as a hair cutter, but has been unable to return to work since the incident.

Teasley is represented by attorney David Starnes.

The city is represented by attorney Quentin Price.

Case No. A182-498

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