Last June, the Southeast Texas Record reported on a suit filed by Arrankumar Lachman, doing business as D&L Trucking, against C&C West Contracting, in which he asserted he was not paid money owed pursuant to a trucking services contract.

Presently, Lachman is seeking a default judgment, as court records show that C&C West Contracting has not yet responded to his suit.

"C&C West Contracting was served with citation on June 16, 2009, ... and has failed to appear or file an answer within the time allowed by law," Lachman's motion for default judgment states, filed Dec. 22.

A hearing on the matter was slated to be held May 18. However, the hearing was reset at the last minute to a later date.

In his suit, Lachman says his company entered into a contract with C&C West Contracting in which it agreed to truck various materials for the company. However, C&C West Contracting has failed to pay Lachman for services it performed.

"As of the date of filing this Petition, West is liable to D&L for the total sum of $122,500, with the understanding that this amount may increase after the date of this Petition," the suit states.

On top of actual damages, Lachman is seeking direct and consequential actual damages, plus money for the value of the services and materials provided, attorney's fees and other relief to which he may be entitled.

Olen Dodd of Beaumont is representing Lachman.

Court records show C&C West Contracting as having no attorney on record.

Judge Bob Wortham, 58th District Court, is presiding over the litigation.

Case No. A184-173

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