Companies sued for making scrap metal out of property it did not own

By Michelle Massey | Aug 3, 2010

A trustee for several Texas families has filed suit against two companies for destroying, demolishing and dismantling various vehicles and other equipment without permission from the owners.

Chester Slay, as trustee for a group of family trusts, filed suit against C&C Demo and NBR Maritime II on July 21 in the 136th Jefferson County District Court.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants wrongfully cut the vehicles and equipment into pieces and sold the metal for scrap without the consent of the plaintiff. The defendants are accused of theft for taking the personal property unlawfully and with the intent to deprive the plaintiff of the property.

Slay is the trustee for the McGee Family Trust, Smith Family Trust, Peckham Family Trust, Capetown Family Trust, Salisbury Family Trust, Bexar Family Trust, Rhodes Family Trust, Houston Family Trust, Johannesburg Family Trust, Travis Family Trust and Tarrant Family Trust.

The family representative is asking the court to award actual damages determined by the fair market value at the time and place of conversion, plus an additional $1,000 and interest, court costs, attorneys fees and exemplary damages.

Slay is represented by Beaumont attorneys Greg Dykeman and Martha Campbell of Strong, Pipkin, Bissell & Ledyard.

Judge Milton Gunn Shuffield is assigned to the case.

Case No. D187-338

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