Hughen director defends Mostyn in letter

By The SE Texas Record | Nov 9, 2010

Editor's Note: This letter was written in response to the Nov. 6 "Our View" editorial, Mostyn's Millions Mauled.

Dear Editors,

When a story personally attacks a person rather than focusing on the issues, it is apparent that the writer has lost objectivity and is promoting their agenda rather than presenting an unbiased view.

I would like to share my story involving Steve Mostyn.

I am the executive director of Hughen Center, a 75-year-old non‐profit that serves children and adults with physical disabilities, located in Port Arthur, Texas. I also hold conservative values and the opinion that both political parties have lost touch with the people they serve.

I know from personal experience what mold and hurricanes will do to a place. Hughen Center was significantly impacted by Hurricane Ike. Insurance (TWIA) was unwilling to provide the necessary funds we needed to make repairs.

Our very existence was in jeopardy as we faced the loss of licensure and our newly acquired charter for Bob Hope School due to our inability to provide a safe environment for the children with special needs that reside with us and the students that would attend our school. The damage was that serious.

I begged our elected officials to help us. Although we received their sympathies, the elected officials could do very little for us. So I hired Mostyn Law Firm.

Steve Mostyn personally handled our cause. The business practices of the insurance company were revealed and within months, we received a favorable settlement.

Repairs were quickly made and our existence assured. Without the determination of Steve Mostyn, Hughen Center would have been lost.

What else do I know about this man? I know that he is generous to many. He has made significant donations to Hughen Center, Multiple Sclerosis Society, special education students in East Texas, and many others.

Dislike Mostyn's political views, fine. Attack the man, pathetic. Millions were spent on both sides.

For those that wish to reform lawsuits, reform the corrupt and deceitful business practices that place companies in the courtroom.

Not all business is evil and not all trial attorneys are bad. Ease up on stereotypes and look at solutions.

Until then, I'm glad Mostyn was around for Hughen Center so we can continue to serve our community.

For the children,

Monte Osburn, LCCA
Executive Director
The Hughen Center Inc.

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