A Harris County man who co-owns property in Beaumont wants to see the court divide the property and order a reimbursement of the $1,000 in taxes the man has paid.

Harry Alvin Hicks filed a lawsuit Nov. 4 in Jefferson County District Court against James Etta Greenwood, Gwendolyn Hicks, Virgie May Hicks, Carolyn Rene Dade, David Charles Hicks and the unknown heirs of Robert Venerable, Sam Kilcrease and Will Kilcrease.

Hicks claims he co-owns a portion of land at 2425 Pine St. in Beaumont. The defendants also own the property, according to the complaint.

In his complaint, Hicks wants to see the property divided. He estimates he owns about $1,500 worth of it.

In addition, Hicks wants to be reimbursed for the approximate$1,000 he paid in real estate taxes from 1990 until 2010, plus the $500 in maintenance he has paid.

"Plaintiff has received no contribution or reimbursement from any other party for these expenditures," Hicks says in his suit. "Accordingly, Plaintiff requests that he recover a pro rata share of such expenditures and enhancement from the Defendants; or, alternatively, that the value of such contribution be awarded to Plaintiff by allocating land upon partition in kind."

Hicks also seeks costs, interest and other relief to which he may be entitled.

Hubert Oxford III of Benckenstein and Oxford in Beaumont will be representing him.

Judge Gary Sanderson, 60th District Court, has been assigned to the case.

Jefferson County District Court case number: B188-739

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