Beaumont resident Rebecca Washburn has filed a petition to perpetuate the testimony of Ronald Washburn, a former Chevron USA employee who suffers from lung cancer.

Through Provost Umphrey attorney Keith Hyde, the petition was filed Dec. 9 in Jefferson County District Court. The anticipated defendant in the pending suit is Chevron.

Court papers show that Ronald Washburn's lung cancer "is expected to progress" and will "ultimately prove fatal."

The petition alleges he developed lung cancer because he was exposed to asbestos products during his employment with Chevron.

"The substance of the testimony which petitioner expects to elicit involves Ronald Washburn employment and exposure history at Chevron," the suit states. "As a result, petitioner has a good faith belief that a gross negligence, wrongful death lawsuit will be filed."

Judge Gary Sanderson, 58th District Court, has been assigned to the case.

Case No. A188-943

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