Man walks into plate glass door, sues owner of Mexican vacation home

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Mar 9, 2011

GALVESTON � Claiming he severely cut his knee and nearly lost his hand after he ran into a sliding glass door at a rental home in Mexico, John Geddie is suing the home's owner.

Geddie claims that owner Dave Hochmayr did not place any warning stickers on the sliding door, according to a lawsuit filed March 1 in the federal Galveston Division of the Southern Division of Texas.

The plaintiff rented the home from Hochmayr, a resident of Lake Shore, Minn., for New Year's Eve. Negotiations occurred in Texas, according to the original petition.

Geddie states he was walking to the home's balcony when he ran into the door, which was he says should have been made of shatter-proof glass.

"When the door shattered, it severed a number of tendons in the plaintiff's knee as well as almost severing his hand from his arm," the suit says.

The complainant adds that he had to wait for nearly two hours before he was rushed to a hospital in Cancun.

"He stayed in that hospital for a number of days and underwent surgery to repair the torn tendons," the suit says.

"The plaintiff has had to undergo four subsequent surgeries to his knee as well."

Consequently, Geddie seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

He is represented by Arnold & Itkin LLP.

The case has been assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt.

Case No. 3:11-cv-00099

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