A Jefferson County jury recently found that a natural gas well is not producing in a civil trial over the well's leasing rights.

The trial of Harrison Interests vs. Aspect Energy began May 2 and ended the following week.

Harrison Interests filed suit against Aspect Energy on May 16, 2008, claiming Aspect refused to admit Harrison's lawful interest in the contested lease of the well and had failed to offer compensation for its use.

During the trial, Harrison Interests argued Aspect is producing from the No. 1 Petkovesk Well, which is located in Jefferson County.

"Defendant has wrongfully exercised dominion and control over plaintiff's personal property in a manner inconsistent with plaintiff's exclusive right to said property," the suit states. "Defendant's conversion was willful and malicious, and in conscious disregard of the rights of the plaintiff."

According to the charge of the court, filed May 9, jurors answered "No" when asked if the Aspect No. 1 Petkovesk Well was completed in and producing natural gas and other hydrocarbons from the Reserved formation.

Harrison claims it is entitled to at least a 33 percent interest of the well, court papers say.

Beaumont attorney Hoke Peacock of Orgain Bell & Tucker represents it.

Aspect is represented by Mark Harwell, attorney for the Houston law firm Cotham, Harwell & Evans.

Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court, presided over the trial.

Case No. E181-764

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