Dear Editor:

Your editorial praising Texas' wonderful business climate is both simplistic and one-dimensional.

Perhaps corporations just love our low tax structure and willingness to accommodate business. This does not translate into the general welfare of people, as opposed to corporate persons.

Shipping firms flock to Liberia; bankers to the Caymans, wealthy of all sorts to Monaco. These are not examples to emulate, yet our 'Banana Republican' leadership is pushing for it.

Our education system is reeling; our highways are undermaintained; the 'tort reformers' are restricting access to our courts; our environment is being degraded; our parks and wildlife agencies are shriveling.

None of this matters to corporations; these are persons, not people. Their executives are only slightly more likely to live in Texas than in Liberia, or the Caymans or Monaco.

Folks don't want to have to send their children to private schools, or drive toll roads, or endure malpractice or fraud because they can't gain access to the courts. They like to be able to trust their air, water.

People will accept taxes if they see value. Businesses will shop around for the low bidder, in a race to the bottom; they have no reason to care about the locals.

As well we know, the adage 'what's good for GM is good for the USA' is no longer true.

Tom Watson
Bridge City, Texas

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