Letter: Government is for the people, not corporate 'persons'

By The SE Texas Record | Jun 20, 2011

For shame!

For shame!

One of your editorials started with high-minded Jeffersonian moralisms, then delved into the TWIA debacle. As I was about to applaud, you went into a diatribe against plaintiff attorneys!

The plaintiffs were the injured party, mind. Most were forced into TWIA because other insurers wouldn't take them.I myself lost my carrier because my house is frame, in Orange County (this was before Rita.)

Need I remind you of TWIA malfeasance, incompetence, borderline fraud?! And you scathed those who held themselves wronged.

I wonder at your slant. You applaud a 'loser pays' plan that in effect makes some winners pay. You decry 'venue shopping' -- except when corporations do it; seek to make the State of Texas accomplices in abridging access to justice, in a 'race to the bottom' to shield corporations from responsibility you demand of we 'natives'; seriously treat the Texas Public Policy Forum, a think tank at the beck of their employers, their mouthpieces, who often enough resort to 'intellectual prostitution' -- such aims as muzzling unions, removing limits on corporate political money, shielding their paymasters from responsibility courts might impose, ad nauseam.

Admittedly, some plaintiff's lawyers game the system. That does not justify misdeeds by corporations, who designed the game, and seek to rig it. We were meant to be a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people. That's people, not corporate "persons." You cannot have justice without responsibility, which the affluent and powerful must also accept.

Slainte Mhath,

Tom Watson
Bridge City, Texas

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