New injury suit filed against equestrian center

By John Suayan, Galveston Bureau | Jul 29, 2011

GALVESTON - More than six months after she non-suited Bayview Equestrian Center and its owner Kathy O'Connor from a lawsuit alleging illegal seizure of her horses and personal property, Harris County resident Kelly DiCampli pursues legal action a second time against the two parties.

DiCampli is suing O'Connor and the Bacliff stable and training facility over an injury she reportedly sustained on the defendants' grounds two summers ago, a lawsuit filed July 5 in Galveston County District Court says.

DiCampli and another woman, Elizabeth Lyon, originally filed suit against the equestrian center in October 2010.

The complainant claims that on Aug. 9, 2009, her foot became entangled with a hidden water drainage trench shortly after she exited her horse trailer.

According to the original petition, DiCampli's foot twisted from under her and caused her to lose her balance.

"Ms. DiCampli heard and felt a snap in her ankle area and immediately experienced severe pain," recent court documents say.

They add she suffered complete detachment of a tendon in her ankle.

The plaintiff further argues that the respondents allowed a dangerous condition to exist on the property by allowing the grass and weeds to grow to lengths which obscure the aforementioned drench.

Dicampli's previous suit, which included Elizabeth Lyon as a co-plaintiff, accuses the defendants of trying to get the women to pay unprepared charges.

She rehired attorney Pam Rea of Houston to represent her.

Galveston County 212th District Court Judge Susan Criss is presiding over the case.

Case No. 11-cv-1096

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