GALVESTON - A League City man has filed suit against a local storage facility and its employees in an effort to retrieve his recreational vehicle, recent court documents say.

Jeffery Davis's lawsuit alleges Janet Case Mihailovich, Stephen Wormington and Christopher Hollis Mihailovich each bore responsibility in the apparent seizure of his 1984 Beaver Motorhome.

Janet Case Mihailovich and Wormington are doing business as America's Storage while Christopher Hollis Mihailovich serves as the facility manager.

The suit was filed July 27 in Galveston County Court at Law No. 1.

It shows Davis had a written agreement with the company, which is located in Dickinson, dating back to March 2005.

Under said agreement, the plaintiff rented a space for $95 per month and was permitted to park his motorhome at the facility.

The defendants also verbally promised Davis that he could fully access the water and electric systems on the premises at no additional charge.

Reportedly a tenant in good standing for five years, a family emergency in May 2009 forced the complainant to leave the state for approximately three months.

His absence rendered him unable to tender the monthly fees, the suit says.

Davis explains he attempted to settle the debt upon his return in August 2009 only to discover his access code was not working and the power had been disconnected from his motorhome.

He insists "there were absolutely no provisions, expressed or implied, given orally or in writing during the commencement of the agreement that electrical services could and would be discontinued for non-payment of rent."

"The plaintiff's property (the motorhome) sustained significant damage as a result of said negligence, and the defendants refused to compensate him for such," the original petition says, adding the respondents still demanded full payment for the summer of 2009.

Court papers further allege the respondents' acts constituted conversion and inflicted emotional distress on Davis.

Consequently, the plaintiff seeks unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

He is serving as his own counsel.

Galveston County Court at Law No. 1 Judge John Grady is presiding over the case.

Cause No. 65,726

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