In accordance with Chapter 74 of the Texas Civil Code, a medical expert report was filed in a suit alleging Dr. Lee Haak "misplaced the venous catheter" during Bridget Fontenot's stay at a local hospital.

The suit, filed Feb. 14 in Jefferson County District Court, says Fontenot was admitted to Memorial Herman Baptist Beaumont Hospital on May 27, 2009.

Three days later, Dr. Haak inserted a central venous catheter, also known as a central line. Fontenot complained of feeling sick but was told that was normal, the suit states.

On June 15 the expert opinion of Dr. Harvey Gross was filed, which concludes Dr. Haak fell below the standard of care when he incorrectly inserted the catheter.

Dr. Gross also argues that Dr. Haak should have asked for assistance, since it was his first time performing the procedure.

The suit and opinion allege the misplaced catheter contributed to Fontenot's pneumonia.

The plaintiff is suing for her alleged past and future medical expenses, mental anguish, pain, impairment, disfigurement and lost wages, plus all court costs.

Houston attorney Craig Lewis represents Fontenot.

Judge Gary Sanderson, 6oth District Court, is assigned to the case.

Case No. B189-361

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