A defendant was recently severed in a lawsuit claiming a birthday bash turned violent when a guest was hit in the face with a plate.

As previously reported, Chin Van Dang filed suit against Richard and Steven Nguyen on Oct. 26 in Jefferson County District Court, alleging he was hit in the face with a plate and then held captive while attending a party.

On Sept. 13 defendant Richard Nguyen was severed from the case, according to an order signed by Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court.

Court records show that Richard Nguyen was granted partial summary judgment on Aug. 29, freeing him of some of the issues surrounding the case and allowing him to be severed.

The suit states that on Feb. 26, 2010, Dang attended a party at the Nederland home of Richard Nguyen. The party was held in celebration of the Asian New Year and Richard Nguyen's birthday. Other guests in attendance included Richard's brother, Steven, and the Rev. Duc Duong, priest and proctor of St. Catherine's Catholic Church.

After allegedly consuming several alcoholic drinks, Steven Nguyen began yelling at Dang while waving a dinner plate, which flew out of his hand and struck Dang in the face. The suit states Dang began to bleed and momentarily lost consciousness.

"For some reason, possibly because of intoxication, Richard told everyone present to not call 911 or an ambulance," the suit states. "Father Duong also convinced everyone not to call 911, apparently for fear of police involvement."

The suit alleges the defendants also would not allow Dang to seek medical treatment and held him captive for several hours.

Dang is suing for past and future mental anguish, pain, medical expenses and lost wages.

Beaumont attorney Hart Green of Weller, Green, Toups & Terrell is representing him.

Case Nos. E188-686 and E188-686-A

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