Last Thursday, S&T Marine was non-suited from a suit alleging a seaman was injured when his ship collided with another vessel because no one was driving the charging boat.

As previously reported, Duc Ngo filed suit against S&T Marine, Thu Nguyen and Lan Vo on May 18 in Jefferson County District Court.

Court records show that on Dec. 8 Ngo filed a motion for non-suit, stating that he was informed that the company has no connection with the incident.

That same day, Judge Gary Sanderson, 6oth District Court, granted the motion, dismissing S&T Marine without prejudice.

The suit states that sometime in February Ngo was operating his vessel, the Jacob Doan, when the defendants' vessel, Master Dustin II, collided with it.

"As the Master Dustin II approached ... plaintiff noticed that there was no one in the wheel house," the suit states. "Shortly thereafter, the Master Dustin II collided with the Jacob Doan, despite plaintiff taking evasive action."

The suit alleges the defendants negligently failed to keep a proper lookout and use prudent care.

Ngo is suing for repair expenses and loss of profits.

Beaumont attorney John Parsons of Lindsay, Lindsay & Parsons represents him.

Case No. B190-058

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