GALVESTON - A defendant in a December 2010 lawsuit stemming from a wreck halfway between Houston and San Antonio has submitted a list of designated expert witnesses.

A 12-page document entered Nov. 28 before the Galveston County 212th District Court calls on 17 individuals and entities to testify on R T Tire Service's behalf.

Irma Espinal and Nora Flores are suing R T, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. and motorist Kevin Flores on behalf of their two respective minor children after a defective tire caused them to get into the alleged Oct. 9, 2010, rollover along Interstate 10 in Gonzales County.

According to court documents filed at the time, the complainants were passengers in a Toyota pickup truck driven by defendant Flores when the vehicle's left rear tire suffered a tread separation, causing the Toyota to strike another vehicle and ultimately roll over.

The suit asserts the design of the tire lacked a proper wedge design and a zero degree nylon cap ply, and its tread separates unexpectedly during normal operation conditions, faulting R T for selling and installing the tire in question and Flores for negligently operating the vehicle.

The accident reportedly left one of the children in a paraplegic state.

R T says its expert witnesses will discuss liability issues; R T's compliance with applicable standards or care, statutory regulations and common law; economic issues; opinion and interference testimony and other issues regarding the plaintiffs' claims and damages as raised in the pleadings and discovery in this case.

The witnesses will also serve as rebuttal experts to any testimony or opinions given by the plaintiffs' expert, the document says.

R T is represented by Tucker, Taunton, Snyder & Slade.

Case No. 10-cv-4305

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