GALVESTON - A final judgment was recently entered into a St. Louis, Mo., man's lawsuit arising from alleged credit card debt.

After hearing arguments from both parties on Jan. 17, Galveston County Court at Law No. 2 Judge Barbara Roberts issued a ruling requiring Webster resident Eugene V. McMahon to pay $25,914 to his son, Matthew G. McMahon.

The same order, which was signed on Jan. 19, states Matthew G. McMahon take nothing from Darlene L. Marzouk, his step-mother.

Matthew G. McMahon originally sued his father and Marzouk on Feb. 14, 2011, in the same court, claiming they incurred numerous charges on four of his low-interest credit cards for which they refuse to pay.

Court papers filed at the time show the plaintiff agreed to let the defendants use his cards on an agreement in which they promised to pay all charges and indemnify the younger McMahon.

According to the original petition, Two Citi cards accumulated combined charges of $13,000 while $10,000 was put on a pair of Bank of America cards.

Matthew G. McMahon alleged he was never compensated.

He contacted The Southeast Record last month to say he was suing only Marzouk and not his father as previously reported, stating in an email that he "has proof that all the charges were related to expenses that benefited her: property tax payments on her property, mortgage payments on her house, car payments on her Lexus, etc.". He also wanted to clarify that Marzouk was his former step-mother, not his own mother.

The original petition, however, named both Marzouk and Eugene McMahon as defendants.

Marzouk's original answer to the lawsuit asserts she did not make any representations to McMahon that she would pay for any charges on his credit cards.

Cause No. 64,698

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