Plaintiff Blake Rambin has dismissed his lawsuit against Joe Aref, the owner of Club 409, which claimed club bouncers physically assaulted him without cause.

Rambin filed suit against Aref on May 18 in Jefferson County District Court.

Before dismissing his claim, Rambin had previously filed a motion for default judgment on July 1, stating that Aref was served on June 6 and has yet to file an answer to lawsuit, entitling him to default judgment.

However, rather than continue litigating, Rambin filed a motion to dismiss without prejudice on Sept. 28, which was granted by Judge Milton Shuffield, 136th District Court, two days later.

According to the lawsuit, on April 23, Rambin and some of his friends were visiting the Beaumont club when someone started to videotape his girlfriend while she danced.

Rambin confronted the individual, which prompted Club 409 bouncers to remove him. During the incident, Rambin's girlfriend was knocked to the ground. When he attempted to come to her aid, the bouncers knocked him to the ground and began beating him, the suit alleges.

Rambin was suing for his mental anguish and medical expenses.

Beaumont attorney Cade Bernsen represents him.

Case No. D190-048

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